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Risk Intelligence Learning Series – Tips and Advise on how to stay in front of technology due diligence. Quickly learn what to delegate and ultimately practice due professional care
Champion due professional care – Through over a decade of client partnership BetaWatch Inc. deployed corporate tech audit process, guidance, and training materials and workshops. Buy easy to use and precise checklists, and practical reminders of the most critical steps that even highly skilled professionals can miss
Lingua franca - Get Technology and Business Professionals & Educators  speaking common language, BetaWatch Education Risk Intelligence Learning Series resolves complex concepts, provokes clear thinking and encourages team players

Risk Intelligence Learning Series
America Calls it Attestation Canada says Personal Signing
historical background Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, what it means to C level executives, includes explanation of audit framework, and activities therein $50.00
What is Bill 198
CEO CFO get the big picture fast concerning Bill 198 Multilateral Instrument (MI) 52-109
after all you must personally sign interim and annual filings $50.00
Illustration of Sarbanes Oxley section 404 certification requirements, characteristics, and compliance activities
Buy this Primer and learn how to comply with regulatory requirements
Buy this compliance process map in minutes you'll understand the corollaries $50.00
Line Manager and Audit Team flow chart. Get the checklist you need to hand out to the team from the 'get go' $50.00
Operational risk team players business process checklist that will help you explore ‘what if’ scenarios
Buy this if you ask yourself what does Fiduciary Duty Mean to me
get the skinny concerning expected due care plus fiduciary duty checklist

Beta Cycle within sdlc. Buy the beta cycle illustration that gets your software development team to hunker down from the 'get go'. This is indeed a first-class beta cycle process handout $50.00
Beta Process Cycle ®
gives you return on intelligence eBook, proven to guide companies through the quandary 'if software works as described and can users use it'. An actionable process for testing software is a click away 'coming soon'
How to Measure Technology Efficacy
ISO 9126 standard for software-product evaluation and quality characteristics described in terms of Control Objectives For Information and Related Technology (CoBit) described in terms of consequence probability measurement $50.00
From napkin scribble to code library: archive all documentation for easy access. Fewer interactions are face-to-face, more information is shared among virtual knowledge workers yet one could ask, with good reason if the data secure & accessible. The artifact by which IP is measured is knowledge. Consider the value of bang up first class tried and true method: Martin Documentation is illustrated. Chosen best answer how to document technology linkedin $50.00
bibliographicRecord linkedin